While talking with people on IRC, I’ve encountered enough confusion around conduits to realize that people may not know just how simple they are. For example, if you know how to use generators in a language like Python, then you know pretty much everything you need to know about conduits. The basics Let’s take a look at them step-by-step, and [...]
I’ve decided after many months of active development to release version 1.0.1 of gitlib and its related libraries to Hackage. There is still more code review to done, and much documentation to be written, but this gets the code out there, which has been working very nicely at FP Complete for about six months now. The more exciting tool for [...]
Chatting with merijn on #haskell, I realized I have a file server running Ubuntu in a VM that’s idle most of the time, so I decided to set up a jenkins user there and make use of it as a build slave in the evenings. This means that at http://ghc.newartisans.com, you’ll now find nightly builds of GHC HEAD for Ubuntu [...]
Until the Comonad Reader comes back online, I have a temporary mirror setup at http://comonad.newartisans.com. It’s a bit old (Sep 2012), but has some classics like “Free Monads for Less”. It is missing the “Algebra of Applicatives”, though, since I hadn’t run the mirror in a while. [...]
Since mid-January, I’ve been running nightly builds of GHC on my Mac Pro for 10.8.x, 64-bit. I’ve decided to make these results publically downloadable here: http://ghc.newartisans.com. The installer tarballs are in dist, while the fulltest and nofib logs are in logs. According to Jenkins this build takes 8h15m minutes, so I figured this might save others some CPU heat. [...]
I think one reason I’ve been avoiding posting to my blog lately is the time commitment of writing something of decent length. To get over this hump, I’m going to shift my focus to writing smaller little discoveries of things I find during my researches into Haskell and technology. Let’s see how that goes. [...]