Fixed a few bugs in Ready Lisp

A couple of pathname issues were discovered in the release of Ready Lisp that was posted yesterday, leading to the inability to load asdf-install (or use it). These have been fixed in the new release uploaded today. If you now use asdf-install and choose a “system-wide” installation, the installed packages get saved in your Application bundle. However, due to the way that asdf-install itself works, if you then move your application bundle to another directory, symbolic links in the systems directory will get broken. So I recommend installing new packages into your home directory instead.

Also, the sources for SBCL are now included, meaning that if you use M-. (jump to definition) and pick a function like mapcar, it will drop you into the source code for SBCL’s mapcar implementation.

The new version is available here (the old link still works, it is now a reference to that one).

Lastly, I’ve created a new home page for the Ready Lisp project, which now lives here.