Fighting technology

My apologies to anyone still reading this blog, but a technical hiccup caused me to get quite depressed with the mechanics used for posting this site (an ASP.NET 2.0 application I wrote last year). After that I didn’t have the heart to go in, debug the problem, and resume posting. Turns out it was something fairly simple and took only a few minutes of looking-in-to to get fixed.

But I want to move this site to something much simpler, or else I fear I’ll find more and more reasons to push it to the back burner. Unfortunately on the Mac I’ve not found anything better than RapidWeaver for automatic site creation, and it’s nowhere near what I need (it stores all its data in a proprietary format that allows for neither import nor export, for one thing).

I’m looking at Groovy/Grails as a possible framework, or I may just seek to simplify the current C#/ASP.NET code as much as possible. Originally I had wanted all kinds of automatic searching, tabulation, dynamic posting, etc., but most of that seems broken ever since the move to

Who would have thought that dynamic website creation would be such a task! I just hope I can make time for it before another two months slips away…